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Overview - DocRecord

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DocRecord is an electronic document management software that can help you manage information more quickly and cost-effectively, saving time and effort by capturing information seamlessly from anywhere on your network. It watches network folders and queues, integrates with other enterprise applications, and permits you to drag-and-drop files from desktop to system.

You can count on Konica Minolta DocRecord to track the history of changes made to the document while keeping all iterations on file. Know exactly who checked out a document, when the document was checked out and keep a running history of all changes made to that document.

  • Custom categories and indexes can be created based on the needs of your workflow and there's no limit to the number of categories or indexes in your system. 

  • You can group files based on projects, work processes, or document type to streamline filing and expedite retrieval. 

  • Images can be scanned and converted via OCR for keyword-search and side-by-side thumbnail viewing allows files to be quickly compared and selected. 

  • Documents can be converted, annotated, enhanced, revised with mark-up corrections, viewed in over 200 file formats and stored in common formats.

  •  Files can be easily stored and accessed; eliminating lost or misplaced documents, reducing storage costs, and providing a ready disaster recovery system.

Features - DocRecord

Download: Product Brochure

Capture Information
DocRecord captures and manages information from across your organization seamlessly and lets you take control of your documents. Easily watch network folders, and queues as well as integrate with other enterprise applications. With DocRecord, it's even possible for users to drag-and-drop files from their desktop into the system.

Categorize and Index Information
DocRecord sorts files into categories based on user defined attributes of the documents. Categories and indexes are completely customized and there is no limit on the number you can have in the system.

Organize Information
DocRecord organizes files by presenting all documents in a series of user defined folders. Documents can be grouped together in folders based on projects, work processes, or document type to streamline business processes.

Search and Retrieval
DocRecord offers multiple search options including keywords, index fields, and the folder tree. Searches can be run from a user�s desktop or submitted via the web interface.

PRISM DocRecord Imaging
Capture scanned documents and convert them using OCR into keyword-searchable files. Improve image management with annotation, markup, and image enhancement. With the integrated side-by-side view users can see both a list of available documents in thumbnail view and are able to select a specific document to image.

DocRecord key features: 

  • Retrieve documents at the touch of a button

  • Web-based access to documents for remote users

  • Organize documents with customized folders and views

  • Automatically categorize and index incoming documents

  • Search for documents quickly based on keywords

  • Convert documents into searchable digital files with OCR

  • Manage images with mark-up, annotation, and image enhancement

  • View documents in over 200 file formats

  • Store documents digitally in common formats 






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